beans & blends

There is no best. There is no right or wrong. We encourage you to go on your own journey and find your own favourite(s). Taste is personal. Be proud of what you like and please contact us and let us know what you prefer, we would proudly help you to find something delicious.

Our beans come from throughout the traditional coffee belt. From East Africa, to the America’s and a few doted islands in-between. Each region is noted for having certain characteristics.

To satisfy our discerning regulars we have spent a long time developing blend upon blend until refining 3 popular and varied flavours that we always have own hand, in no particular order;

Raven: sweet, nice mouthfeel, chocolatey.

Blackwing: earthy, punchy, organic. *Currently out of stock

Sinaloa Bush Crow: clean, juicy, yummy.

Single origin: frequently changing, contact us for more.

If you would be interested in something different then please let us know, as we are constantly playing with new beans and recipes.