See Crow Fly is an independent micro coffee roaster based in Wanaka, New Zealand. Take a quick road trip quiz with Rob, the beard behind SCF, its fun for the whole family too...

Q: You can time travel to any music concert - what would it be? 
A: Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1977 - I saw him once 20 years ago and it was so uplifting! 

Q: Favorite Movie Villan? 
A: Black Philip (the Witch)

Q. What makes the ideal toaster? 
A: Pleasant aesthetics and functional independent control of slots/timing etc. I own a beautiful 3 slice machine in baby blue art deco design - however it needs repair ;( 

Q. How do you make your coffee if you go camping?
A: Hand grinder and an Aeropress, but I’m ok making Cowboy style too.

Q. Spring or Autumn? 
A: Autumn

Q. Board game or a pack of cards?
A: Cards, for their versatility. 

Q: In a parallel universe coffee never got discovered, how would you fill your working days? 
A: Writing and shooting movies. 

Q: A UFO lands in your backyard in the middle of the night what do you do? 
A: While I would like to say I’d politely greet them and invite them in, my social anxiety would probably mean that I’d hide behind the curtain.

Q: What invention would you love to see in your lifetime? 
A: The dream recording device (as seen in the Wim Wenders film, Until the End of the World).

Still need more road trip entertainment? Our friend Dougal Allan sat down and recorded a great chat with Rob for the Wanaka Podcast. Grab a coffee and click on the link below.

Podcast episode here